Viscount Vortex 315


Vortex 315 is a 2 amplified channel rotary speaker composed by a woofer with rotating drum and a driver with rotating horn, specifically designed by Silvio Della Mattia, to reproduce the original rotary horn speakers.

This system of sound amplification and diffusion became popular with the advent of the electromechanical organ and consisted of two sections, one dedicated to high tones (horn) and another concerning low tones (drum), which could rotate at different speeds and produce a particular three-dimensional effect due to the rotation of the loudspeakers. This effect is the result of the Doppler effect, due to the relative displacement of the sound sources with respect to the listener, and the sound reflections resulting from the rotation.

The front panel gathers the main controls for quick speaker set-up, such as choosing the stop position (Brake), adjusting the horn rotation speed, EQ, volume, selecting one of the 6 tone response presets, and the connection connectors.
Slow/Fast rotation speeds or Brake are selectable via the lever control of your Legend or Legend Soul connected to the 11-pin connector, or via a foot-switch pedal or MIDI.
Also available for free download is the Windows and Mac OS (also iOS) compatible Vortex Editor application, which allows fine tuning of the most important configuration parameters.

Vortex 315 is the perfect speaker to connect to your Legend Soul, or any other organ, bringing that vintage style that will make the difference.

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TYPE: 2 amplified channels (woofer with rotating drum + driver with rotating horn)

POWER (W): 300W Nominal (≈200W RMS)

CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 800Hz – 1200 Hz depending on the selected preset


HF PROTECTION: compressor, short circuit, thermal


CONNECTIONS: 3 pin IEC 250 VAC, 1x unbalanced input jack, jack pedal, USB B Type, MIDI IN, UNDECAL 11-pin connector

CONTROLS: Volume, Equalizer (bass – mid gain – mid frequency – treble), 11-pin input sensitivity, factory reset, rotative presets selector

ENGINE CONTROLS: The LED is green when the motors are brake; orange when the motors are slow; red when the motors are fast.
You can brake (independently from the horn) the rotor bass by its switch.
Choose the rotations of the horn on three speed by its switch.
Choose the horn position when it’s brake, if rear or random.

SPEAKERS: 1×15″ woofer, PA Driver with rotating horn


PROTECTION: Metal grids

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): cm 52 x 75 x 48 – 20.4″ x 29.5″ x 18.9″

WEIGHT: 30Kg – 66 Lbs



Viscount Vortex 315 – trailer